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AZ Daily Sun Question #2 on July 19th

What do you see as the effects of vacation rentals on the community and should the city seek to regulate them. If so, how?

State of Arizona law SB 1350 prevents communities putting ordinances in place to prevent short-term rentals. In May of last year the Arizona legislature passed HB 2672 which gave communities limited authority to regulate short-term rentals of residential properties and imposed additional legal requirements on the owners and managers of short-term rentals. I brought this opportunity up to our city attorney in February of this year for the City of Flagstaff to pass a Resolution and an Ordinance that ties our city codes to what the state has allowed.This will give our police officers and our code compliance officers the tools they need to bring in compliance of short-term rentals to be good neighbors in our community. The city attorney has assured me that we as a council body will be voting on a proposed Resolution/Ordinance this fall.

Charlie Odegaard

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