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As I have served our community since 2016 as a City Councilmember with so much has been accomplished for the community that takes into consideration: road infrastructure, flooding infrastructure, Council transparency, Council responsiveness, economy, health, public safety, good governance, education, social services, housing, water, environment, dark skies, sustainability, City organization, veterans, multi model transportation, parks, City Commissions, diverseness, youth, and more...

Going forward I want to see an engaged Council that represents all aspects of our community. When I was elected I promised our community that I would work hard and care for everyone in our community and I have done that since day one.

There are issues that I have yet to finish for the betterment of our community.


Coral Evans read an article from the 1950s earlier this year with the headline "Flagstaff is becoming not affordable". Every year people talk about how we can make Flagstaff housing affordable? Pundits should be honest about the cost of living and we as policy makers need to be realistic what we can deliver to the community.

I approved several single family residential housing opportunities since I've been on the council. Pricing is high, but the City is encouraging accessory dwelling units, where they can be rented out to earn the extra income to help pay for the mortgage. Banks are starting to factor in this additional income when considering income qualifications to help families to get into a home.

I approved one traditional multi-family housing opportunity for tenants. Where it ranges from studios to town homes. The rental market housing costs have increased by 21% in the last two years alone. This is unsustainable, people are hurting with a greater amount of income being spent on housing.

One of the very first meetings after my election in 2016 with the city manager at the time, we talked about purchasing a parcel of property next to city owned and managed housing, about my vision of doing a redevelopment of city owned and managed properties. The residents that live in city owned and managed housing have skin in the game in form of rent payments. Campaigning in 2016, I met school bus drivers, school cafeteria workers, elderly, people on disability. I was thinking we need more housing and we can do it by infill. We purchased the property couple of years ago. The City is getting ready to put out a Request For Proposal(RFP) to work with the private builder to the very least to triple our housing inventory. Right now HUD is looking over the RFP and hopefully this fall it will go out for proposals. I'm excited about the possibilities of bringing more housing options for our residents.

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COVID and the City Re-Entry Paln for Recovery

As we are in a global pandemic with COVID and our community as in any other Arizona community is struggling because of the unknowns. What I do know is everyone should be wearing face coverings when appropriate. This helps keep the positive cases relatively flat, because of that we don't see spikes of new cases like the rest of the State, that helps keeps businesses open and the economy moving forward that is not totally wrecked. This helps keep people employed so the they can make their mortgage payment, their rent payment, and all the other monthly costs we face.

The city is required to deliver essential services to the community-water, trash pickup, construction permits, policing, fire response, etc.

I've included the Council adopted Re-Entry Plan document for the City of Flagstaff. The plan has specifics of what metrics are being met for City reopening and permitting allowances with what the Governor has allowed.


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Economy Recovery with COVID

The City is being proactive in helping our downtown businesses right now for we all know the downtown is the heart of our community. The City is looking at street and alleyway closures so business can operate safely by spreading it's patrons over a larger  area. We are creating pickup spaces and short period of parking options for customers to utilize as the use the downtown businesses.

The City is doing a huge policy shift right now to help our local businesses and business attraction efforts with providing dollars and expertise to help businesses with job creation rebates, construction sales tax rebates, alternative vehicle purchase rebates are some examples to stimulate economic recovery.

The City will be working with a Master Developer in the creation of a business park by the airport that the City owns 30+ acres of prime business development opportunity with the robust airline services we have at the airport. We are looking to attract engineering firms, medical related firms, manufacturing to the new  business park. I believe the City has to take an active role for this to play out for our community. I'm excited for staff was wanting to sell the property instead of thinking long term. As we have seen with a COVID economy, it's important for us to diversify our economic base.

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